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Online integrated Origination, Sending, Receiving and Recordation of all Good Funds Transfers.

"All participants receive instant real-time electronic notifications. Use our online Payment Gateway interface or integrate your in-house system with our API"

Credit Card Processing

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ACH Processing

One-Time & Recurring
eMail Invoicing
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Same-Day Funding

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Check Processing

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What are Good Funds?

Real time interbank payments

Good Funds, is defined simply as: Collected funds in a bank account and usable immediately by the owner of the account. Our "Good Funds" payment gateway allows for real-time digital payments that are immediate, irrevocable, intra-bank and/or interbank account-to-account (A2A) transfers that utilize a real-time messaging system connected to every transaction participant through all U.S.-based financial institutions. Funds are available for use by the receiver and real-time confirmation is provided to both you ("the sender") and receiver in seconds. Most Good Funds transactions are "Credit Push" versus "Debit Pull."

What we do

Good Funds Gateway, we believe, is the only payment processing gateway providing Instant Payments of "Good Funds" transactions, Wires, Visa Direct, ACH, Electronic Check, Credit Card, Debit Card and Paper Check conversion/payment solutions all with one convenient login with the additional benefit of accounting software integrations! Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services is one of the fastest-growing privately held electronic funds transfer processors in the United States. TPGMS customers benefit from a comprehensive suite of payments products and services. Our customers receive faster availability of funds on deposited items and instant notification of items presented for deposit, all based on real-time activity. Dedicated to providing superior customer service and industry-leading technology, TPGMS provides tools to help organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk and increase efficiencies. Imperative element in instant payments is two-factor authentication, where users must prove their identity in two out of three ways (something they are, something they have and something they know), Our system ensures proper Authentication, Authorization, Verification, Settlement, Notifications and Postings.

Value through Innovation

Your Choice ~ Integrate your software system with us (e.g. Real Estate / eCommerce / Accounting / Billing / CRM / Invoicing or, send us your API and we'll integrate with YOU! Since inception, TPGMS has focused on providing maximum value to our customers by expanding the technological capabilities of core payment infrastructures. Through these developments, we have been able to help our clients reduce their operating costs, increase cash flow and maximize their resources. As the payment industry evolves, TPGMS is committed to providing leadership and solutions that leverage emerging technologies. Through these innovations, we fulfill our company's primary objective: to provide our clients with the services and tools they need to succeed.

Today Payments Gateway Advantages

100% Secure Payment Processing
Form 1099 Generation
Online "Credit-Push" Payment Solutions for "Pay-0uts" (Accounts Payable)
Eliminate Paper Checks
Eliminate customer service calls
Payment Processing Method Selection
Eliminate waiting for checks to "clear"
Payment Reconciliation
Reduce Accounting Time and Expenses

Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services

hand shake...continues to meet the challenge of our clients by offering cost effective "good funds", Visa Direct, wires, credit card, ACH and e-check payment processing services into the electronic payment solutions banking system. Electronic banking includes the transfer of funds between companies (B2B) and/or (B2C) consumer accounts for collection and payments.

Good Funds Payment Processing

    Good Funds Core Features

    Core Features

    Our System works with all banks!

    Online integrated Origination, Sending, Receiving and Recordation of all Good Funds Transfers. All participants receive electronic notifications.

    Use our online Payment Gateway interface or integrate your in-house system with our API

    Good Funds Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    Keep your current Banking Relationships!

    Today Payments Gateway's inter-bank digital payment transfer system works with all Banks and Credit Unions that are participants in the US Federal Reserve System.

    Secure Data with Good Funds Network

    What about Data?

    Secure Data with Good Funds Network

    Your data is serious business. Our white glove approach ensures your data is highly protected and available online real-time.

    Includes QuickBooks and other accounting and escrow/title integrations.

    ACH Processing

    ACH & EFT Processing

    Payment Solutions with ACH Processing

    Whether your company is a Web address, street address or office, you're banking on sales of products and services to keep your business thriving. And that means you need bona fide payments, whether by automated clearing house (ACH), electronic funds transfer (EFT), e-Check or other means.

    • Automate
      Accounts Payable
    • Automate
      Accounts Receivable
    • Apply
      Payments through
    • ACH Billing
      Accounts Payable
    Electronic Funds Transfer

    Electronic Funds Transfer

    Electronic Funds Transfer can be used by all merchants no matter what their size.

    EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer can be used by all merchants no matter what their size. EFT is a system of transferring money from one bank account directly to another without any paper money changing hands. One of the most widely-used EFT programs is Direct Deposit, in which payroll is deposited straight into an employee's bank account.

    Transactions are processed by our bank through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, the secure transfer system that connects all U.S. financial institutions.


    Payment Solutions

    Perform many types of transactions with ease.

    We specialize in Good Funds & ACH processing for online retailers, but we offer a wide array of services as well.

    Perform the following types of transactions with ease:

    • Check Conversion Remote Deposit
      Capture - Check 21
    • Check-by-Phone
    • Recurring
      Debits & Credits
    • One-Time
      Debits & Credits
    • Batch File
    • High Risk
      ACH Processing
    • NACHA
      File Format Software
    • Online Checks
      from your Website



    eChecks clear much faster than written checks.

    eChecks, also known as Electronic Checks or Web Checks allow you the capability to accepting check payments on your website over the telephone, both one-time & recurring.

    An e-Check is an electronic transfer of funds in which the money is taken from your customer's bank account, typically a checking account. The account's routing number and account number are used to draw funds from the account. e-Checks clear much faster than written checks.

    Payment Gateway

    Payment Gateway

    Online and Real-Time

    Our Online Payment Processing Gateway / Virtual Terminal allows you the capability of performing, Recurring and One-Time Payments, Checks-by-Phone, etc. Complete online real-time reporting.

Our Advantages

Lowest Rates
  Low Rates and Fast Funding
We offer the absolute Lowest Rates Rate Quote and faster funding than other providers
Our Promises to YOU
  Call us for more promises!
  • Bank-level encryption and security
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Automatic back-ups
  • Synchronization between all devices
  • Free and automatic software updates
  • No contract; cancel anytime
  Works with QuickBooks® Versions above 2007
Use your QuickBooks® Hosted Online and desktop versions: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions as early as 2007. Not compatible with the online edition
Ease of Use
  Payment Option Variety
Make it easier for customers to do business with you by accepting a variety of payment options
Accept All Payment types
  Accept Credit Cards, ACH (eCheck) & Paper Check Transactions
Most providers only support credit card transactions. Expand your ability to collect payments
  A Single System
Simplify your financial operations with a single system and single set of records for all payment processing, whether web order, phone order, cash sale or invoice payment
Cash Flow
  Shorten time to Payment
Improve cash flow and shorten time to payment with cost-effective credit card, business card and purchasing card acceptance
PCI Compliant
  Customer Vault
Use our powerful Customer Vault, with payment Tokenization, to store billing information in a PCI Compliant system and issue subsequent transactions against that billing information

Good Funds News

Stop Going to the Post Office to Mail Checks!

Funds Automatically Deposited in your Existing Bank Account.
Perform the following types of transactions with ease:

  • ~ using the Today Payments Gateway Payment Widgetsend the receiver an Email message with your inter-bank link "...consumers and businesses indicated that they would rather share an e-mail address or a phone number to make/receive payments instead of sharing their bank account numbers." Page 29, Strategies Improving US Payment System
  • ~ send the receiver an ACH Credit (See for Same-Day Clearing of ACH Credits.

We offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions to fit any size business. By telling us (give us a call toll-free or send us an email) the type of payment service you are looking for, you will help us guide you to the solution that best matches your business needs today as well as your future needs.

Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services

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Each day, thousands of businesses around the country are turning their transactions into profit with payment solutions like ours.

Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services® gives your company choices in the method of payment that you can accept from your customers.
We support ACH formats, including ARC (Accounts Receivable Check Conversion), BOC (Back Office Conversion), PPD, CCD, TEL, RCK, POP, WEB, Multiple Batch and Import options. See ACH format definitions. Our software is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

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